Monday, July 13, 2009

The Color Yellow

Marigold, Butterscotch, Lemon, Mustard

Acacia Restaurant
2601 West Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia

According to Benjamin Moore's Color Guide "A Stroke of Brilliance", yellow is "the most difficult color for the eye to process and see, yellow is the least popular color on the spectrum. Yellow stimulates memory. It reflects poorly on the skin...Yellow suggests detachment, anticipation,and a philosophical attitude." In India it is believed to stimulate the brain, enhance productivity and activate memory.

Yellow has been showing up in fashion magazines and home magazines frequently this summer. The trend started in the fall of 2008 as mustard and has transformed into a sunnier yellow as we have moved into summer. We could have some great discussions about what this all may mean!

The photograph above is my favorite use of color in this new trend. The warm brown wood of the bar, the tonal deep greens on the wall and the stark chrome legs on the butterscotch all come together with the yummy butterscotch leather seats. Aline Reitzer has created the perfect atmosphere to compliment her chef/husband's talents in the kitchen! You can learn more about Acacia Mid-Town at:

This fabric combination is from Schumacher
and was designed by Trina Turk, a fashion designer known for bold color combinations and patterns.

The fabric is solution dyed acrylic and is suitable for outdoor furnishings! Check it out on this outdoor patio I designed!

This combination is edgier with gunmetal faux lizard, vinyl printed velvet and mustard yellow "hair on hide" leather. This would look great combined with black and white furniture, nail heads and other metallic accents.

Shine Home has a great collection of furniture in graphic black and white, check them out at:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ICFF Lighting

I traveled up to New York City earlier this month to attend the ICFF—International Contemporary Furniture Show.
There were so many great products and new ideas to see.
By far, the most exciting category was lighting.

We have seen many pendants in vibrant colors in the last few years. Caleb Siemon has taken this concept one step further with hand blown glass in earthier colors with stripes and organic shapes.

Caleb’s other designs have a very soft look to them in clear and frosted glass

My favorite lighting company by far is Viso out of Toronto. I recommend checking out the other styles on their website:

Many of the pendants were shown clustered to give a “chandelier” effect. What a great way to use a fun, contemporary light over a dining table!

This giant chandelier was a cluster of mason jars with light bulbs.

For a winter look try these pendants, they look like giant snow flakes!

For a summer at the beach feeling I would go for the movement in this wave.