Friday, October 2, 2009

Develop a Long Range Room Plan

We have been hearing many statistics on how America is cutting back in the "down economy". A recent industry report quoted a Forbes’ survey stating that people were willing to cut back 64 to 82% of their expenses on going out to eat, entertainment outside the home, wardrobes, and vacations. According to the Forbes’ survey only 25% of Americans are willing to cut back on their cable expenses. The conclusion is that we are spending more time at home!

Safety, security and comfort are our primary needs in our homes. Creating this personal haven is a priority that may be overwhelming to conquer in our busy lives. A financial advisor recently told me that her advice right now is “buy quality and buy cautiously”. I will give you the same advice when furnishing your home. The “room of your dreams” can happen one layer at a time. You may have one immediate need to address, fill this need confidently by developing a long range plan first.

The long range plan should include a scaled floor plan as well as color and textile direction. Long range planning is a service Kathy Corbet Interiors provides. It will include a budget as well as guidance on what to invest in first; this will allow you to purchase at your leisure and layer in the items according to your budget. A tedious “to do” list becomes an enjoyable experience.

Quality furnishings, originality and comfort are readily available. Knowing when to buy, where to buy and what to buy can be frustrating. Consider tackling that “to do” list with a customized plan!

Kathy Corbet Interiors creates rooms to complement your lifestyle. Often, the processes required to achieve your decorating vision can seem daunting and overly time consuming. We call upon a vast network of resources to help bring your creative notions to bear. Realize possibilities you never imagined and gain results beyond your expectations.

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