Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meet the Art from The Maymont/Mac Events Show

All of the art in "Hearth and Soul" was provided by Page Bond Gallery at 1625 West Main Street in Richmond. For more information visit:

Roy Carter of Just Hanging, Inc. came in to transport and hang the art. It was a tricky installation! Both pieces needed to be centered, hung even and level with security hangers to ensure they would stay put for the show. Roy can be reached at 804.301.8709

Below are close up photos of Kazaan Viveiros' pieces. These are acrylic, conte crayon, and pencil on panel. Both measure 30 x 40.

"Beach", 2009

"Rocky Coast", 2009

These are kallitype on watercolor paper. They are limited editions by Thomas Hager. Both measure 33.5 x 27.5 framed.

"Live Oak Acorn", 2009
Edition 6 of 12

"Leaf Study-7", 2009
Edition 4 of 12


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