Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Inspired by Gelato

My fist thought with this series of photos is "accessorize"!
Someone put a lot of thought into the finishing touches on displaying this gelato. The details are incredible: a lemon is sliced and carved with a ric-rac pattern, the berries are sliced, mixed and set in striped pattern with the colors alternating nicely. The details and accessories in your home need the same attention. The colors, textures, shapes, proportions and placement are what really takes a room from "oh" to "wow"!

This picture shows a range of color that I would classify as neutral. When you combine them you get a smooth and clean palette in nature's most basic colors.
The textures range from velvety cinnamon, hard nuts, soft bananas and smooth gelato. The textures bring it all to life!

Here is a great way to update a little girls room as she enters the tween years...remember when she insisted on pink? Now she wants eliminate it from her life!
Add red, accent with a bit of green. Use textures so it doesn't look like Christmas. Do your shopping at Target or Home Goods because she is going to change her mind again soon!

Coffee, chocolate and gelato. I love the tones and textures.
Paint the walls a creamy beige, cover the sofa in a chocolate brown chenille and add a coffee table in a dark espresso brown. I would like to place this on a shaggy rug in a light caramel color!

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