Monday, August 30, 2010

Subtle Colors on the English Coast

These 3 homes show a subdued mix of neutral colors. The high gloss white trim accents each one nicely and gives it unity. If it were not for the stone texture these colors would not be at all appealing.
The pale colors of the homes in the background make a great setting for the small pops of color on the boats in the foreground.
This line up of pastel town houses would be an unusual sight in the US. These tones are bold compared to the natural stone homes and landscape that surround them.

Peaking into a kitchen in Weymouth I found stainless steel and high gloss white tile surfaces. I was fascinated by the bright colors wrapping the pipes! This are classic kitchen colors used in a commercial space in a unique way!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild Flowers on the English Countryside!

Everything I photographed on my recent trip to Weymouth was loaded with pattern and texture but very subtle with color. Enjoy the wildflowers!

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Ancient Stone Patterns

Dorset is a coastline of stone. I found the colors, patterns and combinations to be very inspiring. Here are a few examples!

Many of the beaches are stones! I love the colors and the soft shapes!

The stone has stacked up in circular layers for centuries. I love the grey-tan neutral tones and how nicely the green and blue accent it. It is warmth for something usually so cold.

I love the way shards of this rock have split off to make the pattern multi dimensional.

The seaweed washes up on the rocks in the same circular type of pattern.

This stone has a similar pattern pattern in it.

This is King George III carved into the hillside! There is a lot of stone in these hills!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Odd Building Details

I made a trip to the Jurassic Coast of England last month.
It is in southern England along the Channel.

These photos were all taken in Weymouth and the Island of Portland in Dorset.

I thought I would show you some odd building details!

This is quite the chimney! I do love the combination of stone shapes and sizes. I would have to guess that the brick was used because it is more suitable for the chimney itself!

I have designed bay style niches for my clients...I still can't figure out what type of niches these might be!

Here I think they ran out of stone.

I guess it is good to conserve wood and not have too many phone/electric poles clogging up the sidewalks...after all where would you park your car?

This starburst effect is kinda cool!

This four way stack of windows looks like an upside down wedding cake! I love the windows but can't stand this stack!

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