Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chic, Classic...Practical?

Found while antiquing: Vintage Ferragamo "Kelly" bag in lucite!
My first reaction was: "Wow! Love it! How much?"
Then I thought about putting my stuff in it..worn out wallet, business card holder, beat up sketch book, lipstick, over-stocked key chain, breath mints, a few wadded up receipts, an old grocery list and ...the unmentionables. reaction: "What were they thinking when they designed that thing and you want how much for it?!"

So, give me your vote:
a. It is a great bag that will go with my glass slippers!
b. I'll just line it with my Hermes scarf!
c. Now I can show off my Gucci wallet!
d. Who cares and why do designers dwell on this stuff anyway?

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