Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Kitchen Workshop

I just read a great blog about men moving from the garden shed to the kitchen for their tinkering. In my life it is not the garden shed they will leave but the garage or basement workroom. Should we allow them in the house to tinker?

My own kitchen has a large pantry off to the side, with a large sink and lots of counter space (pictured above). When we renovated my intention was to use this as additional food prep space for formal dinners and as a self service beverage center for casual entertaining. The reality is we use it most often for the children to work on school projects--they have built volcanoes, mummies, plant and animal cells, this yucky goo stuff and more! I banish them to this space for their baking!
Do I dare let my husband in? I know the blog was talking about men tinkering with cooking but do we even let them entertain the idea of a workspace in the kitchen? Not in my house! I will have power tools and peg board in the blink of an eye. My husband does not read my blog thank goodness! He won't get the idea here!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Furniture: The Perfect Barstool for Kids!

Even though you usually eat standing over the sink, it would be nice to know you have a bar or counter stool so you can linger over a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper! Upholstery is usually what seats us best...
When my clients have young children in the house, I come up with many solutions: plastic laminated fabrics (not fun on a hot day), crypton treated fabrics (truly bullet proof with stains), solution dyed acrylic, pleather, leather, slipcovers and more.

Here is a barstool that is perfect for kids! Wipe it clean! Most food particles will drop to the floor for the dog! When the children grow up you can put a slim cushion on it to dress it up. What's in it for you? The concave shape of the seat provides a comfy place for you
to sit too!

It is available both bar and counter height.

For pricing and ordering information contact Kathy Corbet Interiors.