Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Resource for Richmond Art Collectors

On a recent Friday I was pleased to see a number of galleries crowded with art enthusiasts enjoying and purchasing the many offerings.

And now a new resource has opened for business with a refreshing take on contemporary art and photography. There is really no other dealer I can think of for those classic black and white images of everyday America. Jill Gunter has collected art and photography for over 25 years. While adding to her own collection she learned the ins and outs of the hunt, and the ups and downs of auctions in many major cities. Her website shows a nice cross section of what she has to offer.

Is he using his fingers to count?

Some of the photographs Jill has will make you laugh and others may bring a tear to your eye.

I can see using these in a small hallway or a home office; all hanging gallery style to fill the upper half of a wall.

If you need art for your kitchen or pantry consider these framed menus from a variety of well known artists who frequented "Chanterelle"on New York's upper east side. In exchange for prime tables, an opportunity to market themselves and 5 star meals the artists contributed their talents to by creating art for the menus. It beats washing dishes!

Jill Wendroff Gunter Fine Art & Photography

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