Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Caring for Drapes and Window Treatments



Custom window treatments are a luxury item and an investment.

Proper care and cleaning can increase the longevity of your window treatments and accessories.

Dry cleaning is not recommended, since the face fabric, interlining and lining can react differently to the various solvents used. The face fabric may shrink and the lining may stretch causing your draperies to be somewhat shorter than they had been prior to cleaning; the lining may come out from behind the face fabric. The valance or drapery panels may pucker and buckle at the seams and side hems. Any sheen or chintz finish originally on the fabric may possibly be removed, causing the fabric to lose crispness or body.

To properly maintain you treatments, vacuum them at regular intervals with a hand held vacuum attachment. The attachment can be used on the folds of the swags where dust may settle over time.

A lint brush can also be utilized to remove pet hair or dust from the hems and linings if dogs or cats are regularly in the vicinity of your drapery panels.


If your sheers are pinched pleated, remove the drapery hooks from the back of the panel heading after carefully and lightly marking where the pins are inserted with a small pencil mark. This will show you where to reinsert the pins after the sheers have been tumbled.

Sheers can be placed in the dryer with a clean white towel on a no heat setting and tumbled for five to ten minutes. Do not use any dryer sheets with your sheers as they may leave unwanted residue on the sheer fabric. Please use caution, as any heat setting may shrink the panels. The towel will help absorb any collected dust. I would not recommend this for silk.

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