Monday, May 2, 2011

Fashion or The Home!?


Remember that great looking dress I wore to my anniversary party?
You know, the one my sister bought for me in Paris?
Well guess where I found that print? TARGET!

And no, it was not a dress it was a lampshade, an accent table and a few vases. Now I can wear the dress and blend in like a chameleon. Just think, I could have put that lampshade on my head at the end of evening.

So really, this is how it works. Some style guru at Target found the dress on a trend shopping trip in Europe. They gave it to the Target design team where a designer from home furnishings snapped it up and ran off to China to have the print put on home accessories.

It is a great dress, the print is fabulous. I am kind of annoyed but I can’t blame them.

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