Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Recycled 80's Fad

The Endless Search
Over-dyed Rugs

I have to admit I wore over-dyed denim jeans back in the 80" of course.  I figured it would be back in style one day; I just wasn't expecting it as a new area rug trend!

I first saw it in overwhelming quantities at ABC Carpet in NYC--they do everything in overwhelming quantities.  Clearly they believe in this carpet trend.

As I shopped the trade markets in NYC I did find a Nomadic Trading who will customize the colors and sizes or do a patchwork rug.  

This tear sheet from British House and Garden Magazine shows one in a living room.   This room is old: in another fabric the sofa and window treatment would be very traditional.  This updated Oriental rug in it's  original state would be too. Handled this way the room comes across with a bohemian chic look that  is stylish and updated.  

Most of the Richmond area homes are biased towards Colonial Williamsburg.  If you want a look that honors that heritage but completely defies it at the same time I would recommend starting with this rug.   We can help you select the right fabrics to accompany it and suit your style.  

It is not a look for everyone.  You need to be adventurous.  You should like color in your life.  It helps if you like old stuff too.  There is a bit of a "green" element to this as well:  a reclaimed rug gets a new look and a new life.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Twinkle Lights for Home Decorating

Creative and Clever Ways to Light Your Home

Twinkle lights for home decorating was a common theme throughout the recent market I attended in New York City.  These branch balls have led lights at the tips and plug in.  I am so inspired to use all of these ideas for porch lighting.

I loved the creative use of basic white lights.  These were "stuffed" inside a grapevine ball.  How clever to hang them from branches.  Do this on your deck or porch over the dining table.  A great alternative to candles and far safer.  

This lighting display is hanging from an antique ladder.  What do you have in your garage that you could hand a few lights from?

There endless possibilities for changing the "display" according to seasons and holidays by using a garden trellis.  The trellis will bring height and light to soften the corner of your porch.  This one is strung with wood vines and white twinkle lights, a good basic look.  Change the lights out by the season or by the holiday.  The best selection I found online is from Ooga Lights.  Add greens from a local craft store like Michaels.
For autumn try the crystal berries!

For an enchanting centerpiece try three miniature trellises surrounded by a floral arrangement.  

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Feather Your Nest

The Endless Search
Trend Watch:  Feathers
Feathers for Your Hair, Feathers for Your Home

This summer my daughter asked if she could get her hair feathered.  

My answer?  "I did not know it was in style again, I thought it was over with in the 70's."  (Remember Farrah Fawcett in Charlie's Angels?)

The cool response would have been "you mean like Miley Cyrus?"  (I like hers, they are subtle)

So far only one salon in Richmond seems to be doing this, Legends in Carytown

Quirk Gallery will be having an event on Monday, September 12th,  3-6pm: Feather extensions by Scott Sheble from Legends Salon: $15ea or 3 for $35.

Feather Looks For Your Home

I first used feather trim on drapes back in 2002.  

Last Year I purchased a feather throw pillow from Dransfield and Ross.  It lasted about 2 weeks because my dog kept attacking it.  If you do not have a dog I highly recommend choosing from the many styles they carry, they really are a fun addition to a sofa.

My most recent find is a fabric--not sure if we call it a faux fur or a faux feather--from Tessuti Uno.  It is called "Peacock".

I could make you a throw blanket for the foot of your bed, a floor pillow for the great room or a slipcover for a desk chair.  

Two groups are upset with this trend:  
Fly fishermen-- (The price of lures has gone up with the new feather demand: MSNBC article. )
Mothers--just one more expensive trend our daughters want!

For the record, I do not have one in my hair but my daughter and sister do.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updating Old Furniture


What a great way to update old furniture.  Bright high gloss paint and a contrasting bright print--POW!  Out of date furniture becomes chic again.

This Teen Recreation Room needed some updating.  It just wasn't very cool for this far west end family.  This was just part of a complete redesign at this Short Pump home.  

Now, how about high gloss paint for furniture?  
It is a bit silly but this you tube video gives great advice.  
Be sure to ask your local paint store, like Virginia Paint and Design,  for brush and roller recommendations.  A low nap or fine bristles may be best. 

Do you want to see more furniture transformations?  Check out the arm chairs in "Just For Fun".

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