Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Recycled 80's Fad

The Endless Search
Over-dyed Rugs

I have to admit I wore over-dyed denim jeans back in the 80" of course.  I figured it would be back in style one day; I just wasn't expecting it as a new area rug trend!

I first saw it in overwhelming quantities at ABC Carpet in NYC--they do everything in overwhelming quantities.  Clearly they believe in this carpet trend.

As I shopped the trade markets in NYC I did find a Nomadic Trading who will customize the colors and sizes or do a patchwork rug.  

This tear sheet from British House and Garden Magazine shows one in a living room.   This room is old: in another fabric the sofa and window treatment would be very traditional.  This updated Oriental rug in it's  original state would be too. Handled this way the room comes across with a bohemian chic look that  is stylish and updated.  

Most of the Richmond area homes are biased towards Colonial Williamsburg.  If you want a look that honors that heritage but completely defies it at the same time I would recommend starting with this rug.   We can help you select the right fabrics to accompany it and suit your style.  

It is not a look for everyone.  You need to be adventurous.  You should like color in your life.  It helps if you like old stuff too.  There is a bit of a "green" element to this as well:  a reclaimed rug gets a new look and a new life.

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