Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Kitchen Pantry or Scullery


Wouldn’t you love to clear all of that stuff off your counters?  Wouldn’t you love to un-clutter the cabinets and drawers?  The walk-in pantry has come back into favor to help us accomplish this goal.  
It allows for the storage of bulk items, small appliances and cookware that is used infrequently.  This opens up counter space and keeps the cabinetry in the kitchen more useful for the everyday items you need easy access to.

Do you need pantry space?  I recently worked on a West End kitchen remodel that included adding  pantry space.  Richard Hendrick of Custom Kitchens “stole” some under-used space in the adjacent garage to make room for it--the yellow hi lighted area shows where it is..

Designer’s are space planning experts.  We steal space all of the time.  There is always a good story that goes with it, Richard shares his story with us: 
“Taking a little space out of the garage did not alter the garage use or function. [We took] the area that the stairs came down into. The construction costs were minimal because we were not adding or changing any bearing walls. The old entrance from the garage was congested and closed in. With the new plan there is a much more open feeling and she has a walk in pantry!”

Just look at all that pantry space!

I was in charge of those tedious details that make most people crazy:  hardware, tile, paint colors, lighting.  I designed the window treatments too.  Ready to remodel? We have  fixed rate packages that will make remodel project easier and fun.

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Blogger Alice Gray said...

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Blogger Alice Gray said...

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Blogger tike mik said...

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