Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Your Home: Perching Chairs

Perching chairs are one of my favorite ways to spice up a room with an unusual touch. These space-saving seating alternatives come in a variety of styles and can quickly transform a typical sitting area into a cozy conversation area.
The classic shape of this perching chair provides the perfect
canvas to skip solid fabric and go bold and daring.

Most perching chairs are about 25 inches wide and 26-27 inches high. This means they are smaller than your traditional decorative chair, but have standard seat heights at around 18 or 19 inches, so they are just as comfortable. The low backs add more substance and style than a bench, ottoman or hassock.

Because perching chairs are on the smaller side, they provide the perfect opportunity to experiment. Try using exotic patterns and exciting textures to really spice up your decor.

The shape of this chair also lends perfectly
to adding an eye-catching fabric.

This is a rendering of what the above chair would look like when covered in
China Seas bold island ikat fabric—it would add a layer of fun to a living room,
screened-in porch or entryway. This fabric is available in a wide range of colors,
making it easy to incorporate into a variety of homes.

This China Seas black-and-white print would add an elegant touch to a parlor or living room.

Also, don’t forget the details—you can add nail head trim, decorative cording, or even an embroidered monogram to really pull a room together.

The chic shape of this chair would only
attract more attention with added nailheads.

Don't be afraid to think about leather and textured fabrics. I would love
to see this chair covered in faux fur like this classic animal print.

Atlantic Embroidery Works is my go-to spot for monogramming. Don't forget this classic touch when brainstorming ways to amp up your look. The addition of the monogram on the chair above takes it from basic to eye-catching, customized and classy.

If you do want to choose a solid fabric, make sure you choose a fun texture
like this wicker chair, so you still get the most mileage out of the addition.

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