Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mix: Dining Chairs

One of my favorite ways to add a twist to a traditional dining table is mixing up the chair selection. Your chairs don’t always have to match exactly—you can create a dining room with style by mixing and matching chairs to showcase your own, unique look. If you have chairs you like, but not enough of them to fill a table, or just want to add flair to other traditional furniture in the room, playing with your dining chairs can give family heirlooms an exciting, new look.

Here are some of my favorite ways to have fun with dining chairs:

This client chose to do the same chair style in four different colors and
two different seat back shapes. It creates a subtle, stylish mix.

From my style files, this image shows a room with a defined
color scheme. The alternating seat back shapes to draw the eye.

This client was bold! We used four different chair styles and four
different fabrics. The fabrics are only slightly related with their green
tones, but they come together for a contemporary take on a classic look.

When my client was considering mixing it up, I showed her this
sketch of the chair proportions. We used the same leg finish for
all the styles to keep a bit of consistency.

Another image from my style files—I love how the sleek, leather leather parsons chair
(you can find one like it here) can mix with a classic windsor or ladder back style.

This Pavillion chair from Palecek will be available in my new retail space at Market
in DeCOR in 20 colors. The chic styling can mix with classic chairs you may already have,
and the shape lends itself to a conservative, subdued finish or something bold and bright.
Keep your eye on our site and Facebook page for information on the opening of our

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Imagine This: Furniture Plans

A furniture plan is one of the most important tools when you’re redesigning or filling a room. Before you make a costly mistake, let Kathy Corbet Interiors come to the rescue!

We create computer-generated furniture plans that allow you to envision your existing furniture in a room before you do any moving, or to see what pieces would be best for you to purchase. We can also give you a variety of options so your room ends up looking just right.

Here are a few times when having a furniture plan is most useful:

- When you want to change up a room and give it a new purpose.
- Filling large, over-sized or oddly shaped-rooms where placing pieces perfectly is a challenge.
- Putting furniture in a new or remodeled home.

Check out this quick video to see the difference furniture plans can make. I'll show you how I utilized furniture plans to convert a client’s sunroom into a dining area, how they were integral in filling a client’s “great room,” and how they helped a client organize the dining room in her newly designed home.

We offer several fixed-rate packages for floor plans—it doesn't have to break the bank! Contact me today to talk about how we can transform your home.

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