Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Your Home: Spill and Drool

Of course we all want those elegant, perfect, all-white homes we see in décor magazines, but many of us also have not-so-perfect pets and families that create clutter, spills and mishaps, making it hard to keep your home pristine. As both a mom and a dog owner, I know it’s important to make sure the homes I work in feature both pet- and child-friendly décor, while still retaining great style.


When you know the right stain-resistant furniture and fabrics to choose, it’s easy to combine style with child and pet-friendly interiors.

In this breakfast nook, we used Crypton contract-grade seat cushions that can be scrubbed clean—they even pass the ketchup test.

This rec-room sofa is made with dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach. Sunbrella is one of my favorite fabrics to use in family homes because it’s so easy to care for. Go here for more cleaning information.

Also, check out this video from a recent presentation I gave on child- and pet-friendly homes. I show you how Sunbrella holds up to Clorox bleach.

The tabletop on this banquette is Abet Laminati laminated wood veneer with a layer of melamine on top, and the seat is made from woven, textured vinyl that is comfortable, but still simple to wipe clean.


Along with spill- and stain-proofing, it’s important for family homes to have storage solutions. I love when I can work places to hide clutter into the décor, so it’s easy to stow stuff and still maintain a clean look.

Here, I was able to customize a future bar to hold eight large, plastic storage bins, giving a family with five active children a spot for controlling sports equipment, trophies and more.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Endless Search: Inspired by Argentina

Earlier this spring, my family and I took a trip to Argentina. Of course, I took some time to relax and bond with my loved ones, but as an interior designer, I’m also always keeping my eye out for inspiration and cool styles to bring back to Richmond.

Check out our elegant hotel bathroom in San Isidro.

I’m glad I got the chance to snap this quick picture before my family invaded… and it looked like this. After a day of racing on the water, the bath went from classy to mess—this is just one of the many joys of being a sailing mom.

I’m always inspired by nature. This is a typical part tree in Buenos Aires. The tangled roots are both organic and beautiful.

I’m also always looking at décor and getting new ideas as a result. I spotted this tangled chandelier at a hotel in Patagonia, then thought back to the tree and how nature influences design.

Looking at both of these items—one natural, one manmade, I marveled at the different ways tangles made an impression. I also thought of how these elegant tangles could be applied to lighting ideas for your home. The Plumen chandelier and cord fixture that are available in my shop, At Market, in DeCOR, reflect this cool, tangled look.

I was also captivated by this cow bone chair I saw at an Estancia Santa Maria outside Buenos Aires. It really presents a new definition of “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

This glacier was another of my favorite sightings. The bright blue has to be one of nature’s craziest colors. The more compact the ice, the more brilliant the blue gets. I couldn’t help but imagine this shade as an accent in a brown room. It’s always fun to think about color combinations in nature.

As you head out on spring and summer trips, look at your surroundings with new eyes. What inspiration can you bring back into your home?

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagine This: Your Pet's Portrait

 Richmond pets are notorious.  
We are crazy about our four legged friends.

Enjoy this occasional chair for animal lovers: a classic style with a twist.  Great for a bedroom, foyer, hallway or any spot in the home that needs something fun. 

What a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

Scout is  a great model.  The chair was designed by Kathy Corbet Interiors for At Market, a  retail store in DeCOR.  

At Market will customize it with your pet’s portrait. You will smile every time you see it.  This is a design rendering showing Max--isn't technology great?

We are not limited to cats and dogs, any pet can participate.

This chair can be purchased through DeCOR at 19 South Belmont Street in Richmond:

  • fill out the form at the front desk of DeCOR to provide us with all of your information
  • email a photo of your pet to size (larger than a cell phone picture)
  • we furnish a design sketch for your approval
  • upon approval the chair is made--allow 10 weeks

To see more products At Market--like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest.

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