Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love Your Home: Spill and Drool

Of course we all want those elegant, perfect, all-white homes we see in décor magazines, but many of us also have not-so-perfect pets and families that create clutter, spills and mishaps, making it hard to keep your home pristine. As both a mom and a dog owner, I know it’s important to make sure the homes I work in feature both pet- and child-friendly décor, while still retaining great style.


When you know the right stain-resistant furniture and fabrics to choose, it’s easy to combine style with child and pet-friendly interiors.

In this breakfast nook, we used Crypton contract-grade seat cushions that can be scrubbed clean—they even pass the ketchup test.

This rec-room sofa is made with dyed acrylic Sunbrella fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach. Sunbrella is one of my favorite fabrics to use in family homes because it’s so easy to care for. Go here for more cleaning information.

Also, check out this video from a recent presentation I gave on child- and pet-friendly homes. I show you how Sunbrella holds up to Clorox bleach.

The tabletop on this banquette is Abet Laminati laminated wood veneer with a layer of melamine on top, and the seat is made from woven, textured vinyl that is comfortable, but still simple to wipe clean.


Along with spill- and stain-proofing, it’s important for family homes to have storage solutions. I love when I can work places to hide clutter into the décor, so it’s easy to stow stuff and still maintain a clean look.

Here, I was able to customize a future bar to hold eight large, plastic storage bins, giving a family with five active children a spot for controlling sports equipment, trophies and more.

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