Saturday, November 3, 2012

Love Your Home: Spill and Drool Fall Edition

The temperatures are starting to drop, making this the perfect time of the year to curl up on your couch under a cozy blanket. But, if you’re anything like me, your dog often joins you on the couch while you watch TV, and before you know it a mess of dog hair has piled up! Often times, people get a basic fleece throw like the one below that’s washable but does nothing for the décor of the room.

Boring fleece throw—ick!

I’ve got a much better solution—Sunbrella hand-woven chenille throws!

Here's my dog, Scout, enjoying my pretty Sunbrella
throw that complements my decor.

These washable blankets come in vibrant colors and are super easy to clean. Pick one up in my shop, At Market, and you’ll never have to hide the dog blanket when your guests come over. In addition to being pet-friendly, they’re child friendly too. Spilled juice washes off just as easily as dog hair. Plus, they’re made in the USA. Does it get any better?

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