Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Mix: Bold and Beautiful Towels

We always talk about pillows as the go-to accessory for freshening up living and dining rooms… so what’s the equivalent for kitchens, powder rooms and bathrooms? Luxury artistic towels like Fresco Towels.

These little room additions are perfect for pampering the body and soul. Made from the finest Turkish cotton, they're known for a high-density terry-loop pile count that makes them absorbent, strong and soft. Choose from classic, contemporary, ethnic, historical or nature-inpsired designs and rich, eye-catching colors. Remember, you can change them out seasonally to create a new look.

You can find Fresco towels in my shop, at Market in DéCOR. You might also have seen them featured in the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Designer House master bath by Custom Kitchens Inc. They’re also popular in celebrity homes.

It is December—they make great gifts too!

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