Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Imagine This: Tall Wall Help

I recently conquered a fun and exciting challenge: adding personality to a room with extra tall walls. Figuring out how to most effectively use large walls can be difficult. It's great when I can step in and help my customers love their high ceilings.

Here’s the before. The high walls make for a beautiful, airy room, but also a lot of space to fill in order to make it feel homey and welcoming.

In situations like this, my abilities to design with technology come in handy. The over mantle looked so bare, so I tried a couple of different over mantle designs.

Check out this video for more on how designing with technology works.

Here’s the final over mantle design we chose. I decided that something reflective was needed, but a square or rectangle would not do in a space that was already very angular. I also wanted something dimensional and found some spiky urchins that could do the job.

And, here’ s the diagram for the installer—quick, computer-measured calculations made the job easy.

And here’s the final result! What a difference.

Do you need help accessorizing a room with a high ceiling? Our hourly services are perfect for you.   Or, if you want to accessorize yourself, check out all the great stuff at my store in DeCOR.

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