Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Endless Search: Fun and Exotic Fabrics

Who will be bold enough to step out and spice up their decor?
In my constant search for fabrics I often come across prints or textures that are wild, ridiculous, amazing, creative or clever. However, I hardly ever have an end use for them. They make great accents to a more traditional decor and add plenty of personality, yet people are often scared to take a walk on the creative side. 

Two of my favorite companies for unusual fabrics are Donghia and JAB—check them out and let your imagination run wild. In general, I generally prefer using these innovative fabrics in window treatments. Here are some more of my favorite ways I've used out-of-the-ordinary fabrics:

At first glance these appear to be traditional drapes, but look a bit closer and you'll notice that the edges are trimmed with feathers. It's unexpected and outrageous, but it also blends nicely with the rest of the decor.

Here, bright orange dots were tacked to sheer fabric to create light and movement in the drapes.

Here's a closer look at the drape fabric.

In this room, eggplant and silvery sage alternating bold stripes turned horizontally create a great backdrop for a transitional look.

This window treatment was inspired by a client’s outfit—she was wearing a loose, knit sweater over a sequin a top. I love the shadowed, shimmer effect we achieved.  

This fabric is over the top! Patent vinyl strips are stitched on a basic sheer. I think this fabric is just mesmerizing —who wants me to help them find a use for this?

The "Fun" section of my portfolio shows even more places where I've successfully used exotic fabrics and trends.

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