Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mediating the Mix: Great Room Furniture Plans

Great rooms are staples in many houses and they make wonderful family gathering places, but laying them out can be a problem. You need room to talk, work and relax in one space, and it all needs to remain organized with a cohesive look and feel. Plus, there’s usually a big ceiling that can be challenging to decorate.

For me, designing great rooms is an exciting challenge: I love space planning and creating functional, stylish multi-use rooms. One book I frequently browse for inspiration is Alexa Hampton’s The Language of InteriorDesign.

A ceiling with interest is one simple way to make a great room more cozy.  Often great rooms are open to other rooms, so a unique ceiling helps define the space and give it an identity of its own. Check out Elle Décor’s ceiling basics for more design tips.

Here, the ceiling started as a large empty white hole—it needed interest and it needed to belong to that great room alone, so I added planked coffers and an eye-catching light.

It’s also important to create “functional spaces” within the larger room. Spaces like a reading corner, a game corner, a display area, a conversation area, etc., are useful and divide up the large space. You can use lighting to help distinguish these different spaces. Here's how I divided up one great room:

And, here's the finished product:

Here’s a close-up of the conversation area. It feels comfortable, complete and separated from other parts of the room:

The floor plan with the 2 sofas has 2 comfy reading chairs snuggled up to the fire--this is for the everyday use of the homeowners. 

My fixed-rate packages are perfect for tackling areas like a great room—they include everything you need to make over your room!

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