Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love Your Home: Griling Summer Peaches

Now that your grill is set up and your porch is looking good, why not invite a few friends over? One of the best things about living in Virginia during July is peach season. Fresh peaches are readily available all over the city. For a great summer road trip, you can even pick your own peaches at Carter Mountain Orchard—it makes for a fun summer day with the family!

Last year I discovered grilled peaches, and they became a favorite of mine. So, I thought I would share some ideas.

Martha Stewart’s Grilled Peaches
recipe is simple and perfect for topping off a salad or placing on top of grilled halibut or Chilean Sea Bass.

For something more exotic, I can never resist All Recipe’s Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze and Bleu Cheese.

My last recipe to share is an adult beverage.  Stir gently over ice:  2 oz of peach nectar, 2 oz of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and 4 oz of seltzer.

What's your favorite fruit for preparing on the grill? Or, what's your favorite standout recipe for entertaining? Share it in the comments!

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