Monday, October 28, 2013

The Endless Search: Wallpaper

Every room doesn't need stark white walls—consider wallpaper to really amp up your style. One of my favorite ways to add a design element without overwhelming a room is using an accent wall—papering one or two strategically placed walls in a room to add a lot of look on a little area. Check out some of these pretty papers I've come across:

This Maya Romanoff bedazzled wallpaper is perfect for a glamor girl's accent wall. Why not bring a little bling into a bedroom?

I can see this MEYSTYLE Hall of Mirrors paper that comes with build-in LED lights on a ceiling in a dining room (so refined!) or possibly on the walls of a powder room where the lighting could be adjusted to let the wallpaper's lighting glow.

I can see this Maya Romanoff mother-of-pearl paper as an accent wall.

This Maya Romanoff True Metals paper has been used for a kitchen backsplash. It would also work great on a ceiling or as an accent wall.

And, for those of you who share my love of animals, this Peter Fasano Pitter Patter paper is fun for a mudroom, bathroom or laundry room.

If you want wallpaper that won't require a long-term commitment, check out Tempapaper—it's self-adhesive "peel and stick" temporary wallpaper. To remove, you just peel it off!

For colors you can customize, check out Detroit Wallpaper Co.

One of my favorites for offices, bedrooms or even kitchens is WhiteyBoards. Just stick them on a wall and voilà, you've got a dry-erase board.

And, for a real dose of style, check out Frank Fuzzy—it's "wall couture"—luxury flock fabric designs for your walls.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Love Your Home: Before and After

Check out this bedroom remodel I recently completed in Richmond, VA. We converted a small space into a beautiful bathroom!

The before:

The bedroom featured a dormer that we converted into a shower—can you believe we snuck a full-size shower into that space? With a clever use of PVC piping, we were able to create privacy, but still keep two-thirds of the window for maximum sunlight. We also removed the closet to make space for the toilet.


Ta da! I also chose to use toile—a classic pattern with an interesting history. We also added a long vanity mirror with edge-to-edge shaded sconces for warmth and light.

The simple monogrammed valence in white with pink is a perfect complement to the complicated toile pattern. I was so happy with the new, functional, beautiful space we created.

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