Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Endless Search: Live Edge Wood


Live edge wood slabs are one of the hottest trends in interior design. These pieces of wood, which have been finished to incorporate the natural edge, are upscale yet rustic. Furniture pieces featuring them are an automatic centerpiece in any room. I’ve got some ideas for coming up with live edge wood in Richmond, Va.

Here is a custom cocktail table by Seth Woods. He cut the shelf underneath to match the live edge lines of the top—expert craftsmanship at its fines. 
All photos are courtesy of Jeff Saxman of Saxman Photography.

When you shop for these exotic woods, you'll be looking at unfinished raw wood like this maple. An expert refinisher will work with you on getting the finish you want—plain old varnish, stain, or even more advances bleach washes. 

While selecting live edge wood, it’s important to make sure it’s been properly dried for indoor use.
“Eight to 9 percent moisture rating is the range for Richmond”, says Seth Woods of Woods Refinishing and Restoration. There is a great debate among wood workers as to whether the wood should be kiln-dried or air-dried.

Some of my favorite places for finding exotic lumber include Exotic Woods in Annapolis, Md. And Woods Refinishing and Restoration here in town.

Check out these looks to emulate:

Walnut is a beautiful dark wood. It's hard to find it wide enough for a table, but two pieces from the same tree can be joined with the grains matching for a flawless look. 

 This Sapelli mahogany is another dark wood that's super hard. 

This is belli—I've never heard of it before, but love the grain lines. 

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