Thursday, April 10, 2014

Imagine This: 3D Models Part II

Sometimes what's available in the local furniture store just isn't quite right. So, I often design custom furniture to work with a design concept, fill a client need and/or fit in a non-standard place. Three-dimensional design is a great way to show a client just what the furniture I'm envisioning will look like. And, 3D printing actually brings it to life! Check out this example:

Here's the inspiration:

My client and I liked this type of design, but we needed a specific size for his banquette. We also needed to make sure the table base left enough room to easily get to the back of the banquette.

Here's what we came up with—this was the custom design I worked up in 3D:

Once the client approved this look, the file was converted to something printable, and voilà—a custom 3D table in miniature! 

The water bottle shows the scale. It is really incredible to design a piece of furniture and see it right away in a reduced scale. It gave my client a chance to really see the design, and it gave the wood shop what they needed to make it.

We used an ultimaker 3D printer to create the sample. Here's the video of it at work—so neat!

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